Energy Expertise

Your company delivers its strategy for energy management objectives with expert analysis and reporting on optimum energy delivery with our support. Our specialist energy knowledge means we provide energy monitoring, energy procurement, sub-metering services to suit your organisation’s needs.

Energy Monitoring

We provide intelligent energy data management and smart reporting to ensure your business runs energy efficient. We provide up to date review and reporting services that suit your requirements. We have experience in delivering all your energy monitoring and targeting requirements. Your company or organisation benefits from deep insight and interactive reporting. Get in touch for all your reporting needs. We offer in-depth monitoring tools both via industry-leading software and hardware on-site. Our monitoring system and software is a nonintrusive cloud-based energy management dashboard that lets you manage, monitor, and analyse energy use from many systems, loads and locations online, in one place.

Energy Procurement

We use up to date market intelligence to deliver cost-competitive supply contract agreements to save you on costs of energy bills. Your business can channel these costs savings associated with energy bills to your business growth or other activities. We provide all your energy procurement requirements to deliver the most competitive energy prices and energy supply terms from energy suppliers. All contract agreements are advised to suit your business needs.

Sub-Metering Services

Our sub-metering service provides a real-time tool to deliver efficient and effective energy management for our clients. Data from the sub-metering installation is used to minimise energy waste and reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

Do you need to integrate renewable energy technologies into your energy systems? We can design and install renewable energy systems for your business. The renewable energy technologies include solar photovoltaic, solar thermal systems, heat pump systems, energy storage, and how they are incorporated in clean energy systems such as heating and cooling systems and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. We use expert design software such as PVSyst and TRNSYS to deliver the optimum design results and energy yields.

How We Can Help

  • Detailed design for affordable, efficient and reliable clean energy systems.
    Improve building energy efficiency.
  • Experienced design modelling with bespoke software such as PVSyst and TRNSYS.
  • Detailed reporting and incorporation to compliance initiatives.

Compliance Support

We support your company to deliver continued compliance to all relevant legislation, regulations, and best practice. We’re here to help your company throughout the process of complying with all applicable legislation and regulations.

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