Technical Solutions

Whatever your business sector or goal, we provide technical expertise to deliver innovative solutions that include efficient energy use, improved carbon impact, a resilient and sustainable environment, and compliance with relevant legislation.

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Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are ‘intelligent buildings’ that incorporate innovative technology to make buildings more responsive, energy-efficient, intelligent, adequate thermal comfort, and have improved overall performance. Intelligent technologies in buildings facilitate better decision making, automation of responses, adapts effectively to different conditions and modes of operation. Smart buildings harness intelligent technologies to optimise building operation characteristics to deliver better connected and responsive workplaces.

We Can Help You Optimise The Operation Of Your Smart Buildings With:
  • Improved productivity
  • Smart data capture and analysis, connectivity, monitoring and control
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Reduced energy consumption and energy cost
  • Improved health and wellbeing for employess and visitors
  • Reducd carbon emissions
  • Improved building space utilisation and employee experiences
  • Implement improved predictive maintnance that saves maintenance costs

Innovation Consultancy

Innovation involves creating effective processes, services, and products. Being innovative does not only mean inventing. Innovation includes changing your business model and adapting to changes in your environment to deliver better products or services. Successful innovation should be an in-built part of your business strategy, where you create a culture of innovation and lead the way in innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

We Can Help You Optimise The Operation Of Your Smart Buildings With:

This is especially evident in the technological world, where there are rapid and very disruptive changes defining businesses.

New market entrants and existing competitors are very aggressive alike, so constant innovation that is well resourced is crucial to business success.

The current customer has a great variety of products and services at their disposal and is well informed of choices than before.

Project Engineering

Do you need an Engineering Project Leader to manage your technology and innovation projects to save energy and improve energy efficiency? The project manager can act as a coordinating figure, dealing with stakeholders across all project areas. Our principal designers help ensure that construction (building, structure and engineering) projects deliver buildability to customer proposed design, usability and maintainability. We have provided a wide range of renewable energy installations and building energy efficiency initiatives, e.g. LED lighting upgrades.

How We Can Help
  • Programme management
  • Using bespoke software for design
  • Building energy efficiencies upgrade projects such as lighting upgrade, heating and air-conditioning upgrades and improvements
  • Innovative building initiatives and projects
  • Renewable energy integration projects include a solar photovoltaic, heat pump and electric vehicle charging infrastructure integration into buildings.
  • Technical innovation management