Sustainability Course on Udemy

This most comprehensive course is available on developing a company’s sustainability practice. This course is On-demand training using a web-based video that teaches the strategies and principles for developing and implementing organization sustainability. Individuals and organizations are fast becoming aware of their impact on people, communities, and the environment. The course focuses on the value and resilience offered to companies to make them have a competitive advantage. The course will build your competency and capability in Sustainability to strategically leverage your organization’s resources to boost business performance.

What you’ll learn
  1. Understand what Sustainability is all about
  2. Define and develop a Sustainability strategy for your business/organization
  3. Integrate innovation processes with Sustainability
  4. Examine how existing Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is incorporated into a long term Sustainability policy
  5. How to implement NetZero energy buildings for your company
  6. Implementing circular economy as a Sustainability strategy for companies and the supply chain.
  7. Understand the metrics typically used in a Sustainability report and how to communicate effectively to stakeholders
  8. How to integrate Sustainability into your business operations and management processes.
  9. The role of leadership in Sustainability

Personal Certification

£ 299.95

A personal certification for individuals looking to grow a Sustainability culture in their organization and develop and deliver a Sustainability strategy for your organization. Also, you may be looking to enhance your CV to gain employment in Sustainability.

Enterprise Certification

On Request

For companies looking to certify a number of people within their organization.

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